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Setting Up SOLAAR on a New PC Running Windows 10


Need to install Solaar on a New Windows 10 PC


  • Solaar
  • Windows 10


  1. Backup the Data directory on the old PC located here: C:\SOLAARM\DATA
  2. Install the USB Drivers on the Data Station (PC) by referencing pages 3-7 to 3-11 of the Solaar version 11.10 software manual. The software will reference Windows 7 but the procedure will be the same for Windows 10.
  3. Determine the COM Port the Spectrometer is connected through by referencing pages 3-12 to 3-13 of the software manual.
  4. Install Solaar Data Station (another way of saying install Solaar software on PC). This can be done by referencing pages 3-14 to 3-16 of the attached Software Manual
  5. The methods are saved in the SLM file located within the Data directory. This file by default will be named: Methods.SLM. If you were using the default Methods.SLM file on the previous PC, simply copy this file to the C:\SOLAARM\DATA folder on the new PC. You can overwrite the Methods.SLM which was installed by default on the new PC as it does not contain any information since Solaar has been installed for the very first time.

    NOTE: If you are using a SLM file which differs in name from the default file named: Methods.SLM, go to step 6, if not move on to step 7.
  6. a) Copy the SLM file from the backed up Data folder to C:\SOLAARM\DATA folder on the new PC.
    b) In Solaar, click File => Close Results
    c) Select File => Database Management => Select Method Database
    d) Select the SLM file which contains your methods and click Open
  7. Results are saved in a SLR file located within the Data directory. The default file which results are saved to is named: Results.SLR. However, it is very possible that there are multiple results files (*.SLR) contained in the backed up Data folder depending on how you are saving results (for example, a new SLR file for each analysis). Copy all of the SLR files from the backed up Data folder to C:\SOLAARM\DATA. You can overwrite the Results.SLR file on the new PC as it will not contain any data being that Solaar was just installed for the first time.
  8. Open Solaar
  9. Setup the Communications Port used to communicate between your current computer and instrument. This can be done by clicking on Action in the Menu bar followed by Communications => Setup Communications Port.

    Then select the COM port determined in step 3 in the dropdown menu and click OK





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