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Hydrogen flame arrester


Is a flame arrester for the hydrogen supplied to the FID present on the Trace 1300 series GC?


Trace 1300


No, it was verified with our product support group that the Trace 1300 series does not have a flame arrester integral to the instrument.

  • A flame arrester would be for preventing backflash to the tank.
  • The flame arrester is an apparatus that might require additional tubing to insure appropriate operation. 
  • The Trace 1300 series FID does incorporate a feature to insure the hydrogen stops flowing if the FID flame is extinguished. If the signal from FID flame is lower than set threshold (default set is 1.0 pA), the system will try to re-ignite the flame.
  • In case the flame cannot be re-ignited, the proportional valve of Air and Hydrogen will be closed.