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Low or no peaks using TRIPLUS 300HS.


The sensitivity is low in TRIPLUS 300HS - TRACE 13X0 system but retention times are correct.



TriPlus 300HS



  1. Check method parameters for unnoticed changes or unsuitable parameters.
  2. Check leaks at the GC side of the TRIPLUS 300HS sample pathway using GC inlet leak test procedures with the TRIPLUS 300HS connected to the inlet.

NOTE: If it fails, check for leaks the column installation, septum, transferline needle, inlet carrier gas circuit connections and inlet septum purge and split valves.

  1. Check leaks at the TRIPLUS 300HS sample side using an empty vial following TRIPLUS 300HS leak test procedures. o If it fails, check vial sealing, sampling needle, EV3 leaking through the vent outlet, AUX IN valves (EV1 and/or EV2) malfunctioning and sensors (S1, S2 and/or S3) failure.
  2. Check blockage of the needle: the vial pressure should drop when the vial is removed from the sampling needle (vial sampling lifter up vs. down). 
  3. If there is no difference or the pressure decays slowly, replace the sampling needle.
  4. Check a malfunction on the EV3/vent valve that prevents the loop to be filled with sample. o If there is no flow or the flow is not achieved through the device VENT outlet (i.e. 30 mL/min) with EV1, EV2 and EV3 all open and a vial inserted on the sampling needle, replace the EV3/Vent valve.
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