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Retention time shift


Instrument retention time shift in the modules.


  • TRACE 1300
  • SSL module 


  1. Check column parameters at the instrument vs. current column dimensions, the carrier gas type reported in the system and vacuum correction option.
  2. Check gas quality and the status of on-line gas purifiers in the carrier gas line, if applies.
  3. Perform leak test of the inlet using the Column Flowmeter Connector attached to the column end (ensure that the Column Flowmeter Connector is sealing properly the column, do not use septum caps).

If the leak test PASSES then check the column flow:

  • If the flow is CORRECT or the flow deviation does not match the retention time shift, condition the column or re-test with a new column.
  • If the flow is INCORRECT and the deviation match the retention time shift, recalibrate the module carrier gas flow with a K=1 capillary restrictor.

If the leak test FAILS then check:

  • Column installation.
  • Inlet column adapter and base seal status. Replace if required.
  • Septum status. Replace if required.
  • Liner status and tightness of its fixing cap. Replace internal o-rings if required.
  • Septum purge and split valves sealing during the leak test. Replace if required. 

NOTE: Smaller areas are present if there is a leak. If the areas are quite the same, ask for column conditioning or replacement. Always check the method parameters and column reported dimensions in the system. 


Method mismatch, column damage, column conditioning, column installation and/or leaks.

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