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Liquid Leaks


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Thes ASE 350 models:

  • 083114
  • 083115
  • 083146
  • 083151
  • 083152
  • 083153
  • 083157
  • 082984


Causes and Solutions:

Missing or worn-out cell or rinse tube O-rings 

  • Check the ends of the cell or rinse tube to verify that the O-rings are in place and in good condition. 
  • If an O-ring has a hole size of less than 0.5 mm, replace it. 
  • If a white PTFE O-ring is discolored, replace it.
  • Remove O-rings with a small flathead screwdriver (P/N 046985). 
  • Using the tool (P/N 049660) provided in the Dionex ASE 350 Ship Kit (P/N 066060), place a new O-ring (PTFE: P/N 049457, pkg. of 50; Viton: P/N 056325, pkg. of 50) over the opening in the end of the cell end cap and press it into place.


Worn-out PEEK seal in cell end cap

  • Replace the seal.


Leak in solvent flow path

  • Open the door to the service area. (Rotate the three quarter turn screws along the edge of the door and swing the door open.) 
  • Inspect the following for leaks: pump check valves, pump fittings, solvent line fittings, transducer fittings, and pressure relief valve fittings. 
  • Tighten or replace any leaking fittings.
  • If the pump head is leaking, replace the piston seals. 
  • If the drip tray contains liquid, it indicates leakage from the static valve O-ring. 
  • Use a 5/8-inch open-end wrench to tighten the 5/8-inch nut on the valve body.
  • If this does not stop the leak, rebuild the static valve. 


Leaking into waste bottle during static cycle

  • If liquid drips from the green tubing into the waste bottle when the cell is under pressure and the static valve is closed, the pressure relief valve is worn and must be replaced.


Leaking into collection vessel during static cycle

  • Check the tip of the source needle in the collection vessel. 
  • If liquid drips from the source needle into the collection vessel during the static cycle (when the static valve should be closed), the static valve seals are worn and the valve must be rebuilt.


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