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Replacing cell end cap seal


The cell end cap seal needs to be replaced.

A worn PEEK seal is deeply grooved and will fail to form a tight seal between the cell cap and body during a run, causing leaks.


Thes ASE 350 models:

  • 083114
  • 083115
  • 083146
  • 083151
  • 083152
  • 083153
  • 083157
  • 082984


  1. Unscrew the cell end cap from the cell body.
    BE ADVISED: Wear safety glasses when removing the old snap ring from the cell end cap or installing a new snap ring.
  2. Remove the snap ring from the end cap, using the snap ring tool (P/N 056684) provided in the Dionex ASE 350 Ship Kit (P/N 066060).
  1. Insert the pointed ends of the tool into the two holes in the snap ring. Refer to Image 1.
  2. Squeeze the handles of the tool together to reduce the diameter of the ring. At the same time, carefully pull the ring out of the cap.
  3. Carefully release the handles of the tool and remove the ring from the tool. Refer to Image 1.  
    NOTE: Removing the Snap Ring Do not disassemble the cell end cap after each use. This can cause the seal to fail prematurely.
  1. Remove the cap insert Refer to Image 2. Remove the PEEK seal from the groove in the bottom of the cap insert.
  2. Remove the frit from the bottom of the end cap.
  3. Clean the frit by sonicating it in solvent (or replace it). Refer to Image 2.
  4. Refer to Image 3 and the following steps to reassemble the sample cell. 
  1. Place the frit (cleaned or new) into the bottom of the end cap.
  2. Press a new PEEK seal (P/N 061687, pkg. 50) into the bottom of the cap insert.
  3. Align the pins in the cap insert with the grooves in the end cap, and then place the insert, with the seal facing down, into the end cap.
  1. With the cap assembly upright on the workbench, install the snap ring.
  1. Insert the snap ring tool into the holes on the ring.
  2. Squeeze the tool handles to bring the ends of the ring together.
  3. Insert the ring into the cap. Using your fingers, push the ring under the lip of the end cap.
  4. After verifying that the entire ring is under the lip, release the tension on the tool and remove the tool from the ring.
  5. Screw the cap back onto the cell body and hand-tighten.

Image 1


Image 2


Image 3



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