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LabBook interruption mid-run


Error 003 (Y-axis Home Position Error) on Cetac ASX-520 Autosampler

Y-axis out of range on Cetac ASX-280 or ASX-560 autosampler



  • ASX-260
  • ASX-280
  • ASX-520
  • ASX-560


1. Check to see if the Y-flag is tilted (see Figure 1). The Y-flag should be parallel to the Y-arm (see Figure 2

Note: The Y-flag doesn't have to be tilted much to cause issues

Y-flag position.png

2. If the flag is rotated out of position, rotate it back and tighten the screw.

If the flag is bent, it can usually be flattened. If the flag is damaged, a kit with extra flags and thumbscrews is available from CETAC Technologies (Part # SP5918);
Note: This kit can't be ordered from Thermo Fisher Scientific.


When the Z-drive assembly returns to the home position, the flag should enter the corresponding slot.  If the flag is out of position, an error such as those noted above may occur intermittently. If this error is detected by the instrument control software, the LabBook will abort.



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