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Loss of Communication with Autosampler,


Loss of communication with autosampler in Qtegra. Autosampler is continuing to try to move past upward left most corner of tray near home position and making grinding noise while doing so.


  • ASX-560
  • ASX-280


Re-homed the autosampler by doing the following:

1) Go to configuration in Qtegra that does not have an autosampler present (this may be called Manual, Empty, etc.)

2) Turn off Autosampler

3) Manually move the Y arm somewhere to the right (i.e. to standard vial position 5) and then manually move the Z-drive (holds the probe) out to a position so that the probe is in the middle of the tray

4) Turn on Autosampler. At this point if it re-homes correctly the Y arm will move the the upper left most corner of the tray and the probe will move to the up position and the autosampler will stop moving

If the autosampler appears to re-homed correclty, go back to configuration in Qtegra that is normally used to run a LabBook and proceed to try and run an analysis


For some reason it appears that the autosampler lost its home position which caused the loss of communication. Once it was re-homed, the communication was restored.


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