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Chiller Pressure Adjustment


Chiller is running, but making a loud noise


  • TF900 Chiller
  • TF2500 Chiller



  1. Obtain an adjustable crescent wrench and a flat head screw driver
  2. Press the down arrow on the front of the chiller and note the current pressure reading, shown in Figure 1
    Down arrow.PNG
    Figure 1: Press down arrow to show pressure
  3. Locate the Adjusting Screw on the back of the chiller, see Figure 2
    Adjustment Screw.png
    Figure 2: Lock nut and screw located in the top right on the back of the panel
  4. Loosen the Packing Nut on the back of the chiller in the top left corner 
  5. Use a flat head screw driver and turn the Adjusting Screw counterclockwise to decrease the pressure OR clockwise to increase the pressure until the pressure reading on the front display panel is at the operating flow for the instrument the chiller is supplying water to.
  6. Tighten the Packing Nut to keep the set screw in place.


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