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High or Increasing System Backpressure


How can I troubleshoot high or increasing system backpressure?


  • Integrion models:
    • 22153-60301
    • 22153-60302
    • 22153-60303
    • 22153-60304
    • 22153-60305
    • 22153-60306


Possible causes and solutions:

1. Restriction in the system plumbing 

  • If the pump pressure limit was tripped, isolate the restriction by working forward through the system, adding parts one at a time until an abnormal pressure increase (and hence, the restriction) is found.
  • If the pump pressure limit was not tripped, you can isolate the restriction by working backward through the system.
  • Correct the restriction.


2. Sample precipitating in or adsorbing to the column

  • Filter the sample.
  • Dilute the sample.
  • Run the sample through an OnGuard cartridge or an InGuard cartridge. 


3. Mismatched eluent or organic solvent 

  • Refer to the column manual for the correct eluent or solvent for your application.


4. Column temperature too low

  • Make sure the column is installed correctly on the column clips and the column compartment door is closed completely.
  • Check the temperature setpoint of the column compartment.
  • If the compartment is set at the correct temperature and the reading is stable, use an external temperature probe to measure the temperature.
  • If the reading does not match the temperature reported by the system, the column compartment heater many need to be replaced. Contact Technical Support for Dionex products for assistance.
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