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Home position error and Labbook fails


Qtegra stops when the probe returns to home position from random rack position and the autosampler LED in dashboard turns red, showing apparent communication issue. Error 017: error moving home is an example of an error message that may be present in the log file.


  • iCAP 6000 Series
  • iCAP 7000 Series
  • ICAPPRO Series
  • Qtegra
  • ASX 560
  • ASX 280


Ensure that the home flag is positioned correctly. This knowledge article can be used as a reference to do so: LabBook interruption mid-run

If the home flag is positioned correctly then perform an autosampler alignment using this guide as a resource to do so: Rev 4 - 480221 - Alignment Guide for ASX-280 and ASX-560 Autosamplers

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