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Rear seal wash leaking error


Chromeleon keeps reporting “Error 61: Rear Seal Wash Sensor Malfunction” but no rear seal wash sensor is actually installed.  



  • ICS-6000 Pumps
  • ICS-5000+ Pumps
  • ICS-5000 Pumps
  • Chromeleon


  1. Go to Chromeleon workstation and navigate to “Instrument”.
  2. Click command button or click F8 on the keyboard to activate the instrument command window.
  3. Under “Pump_1”-“Properties”-“RearSealWashSystem”, change “Automatic” to:
    1. "Interval" if running eluent other than water through the pump head, that is, manually prepared eluents.
    2. "Off" if running water only through the pump head, that is, eluent generation.



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