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Pump will not start


How can I troubleshoot when an Integrion pump will not start?


Integrion Models:

  • 22153-60301
  • 22153-60302
  • 22153-60303
  • 22153-60304
  • 22153-60305
  • 22153-60306


The following table summarizes possible causes why a pump may not start and troubleshooting tips to resolve the issue(s):

Flow rate is set to zero
  1. Select a flow rate on the Chromeleon ePanel or the mobile app Home page.
  2. Verify that a flow rate is set in the Chromeleon instrument method.
Pump starts briefly and alarm occurs
  1. The high pressure limit was tripped. 
  2. The low-pressure limit was tripped. 
  3. A leak was detected. 
  4. If another Chromeleon audit trail error message is displayed, see the troubleshooting steps listed for the particular message.


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