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Reduced response in carbohydrate applications


Very low response at sugar system


  • Ion Chromatography
  • ED Detection
  • Amperometry


  • Check the condition of the working electrode and polish to ensure remove any contamination or impurities present if using permanent electrode or replace if using disposable. 
  • Check age of reference electrode and deviation of reference electrode from true pH value. Replace if outside of acceptable deviation.  
  • Check standard preparation. 
  • Check total background level, high background may lead to poor sensitivity.  
  • Prepare fresh eluent from new source of Water and Hydroxide/Acetate if available

Note: Does rise of issue relate to opening of new reagent bottle or servicing of water source? Perform a 2M NaOH flush to clean system of sample contamination (bypass ED cell and any consumables during this). Clean columns according to user manual. 


Reduction in sensitivity likely over time due to build up of impurities on working electrode



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