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How to perform the first power up on your instrument. 


UltiMate 3000 Autosamplers


  1. For a short time, general information about the autosampler appears on the autosampler display: device type, serial number, bootloader and firmware versions.
  2. The autosampler runs a series of internal tests during which all of the main components are checked.
  3. When testing is complete and has been successful, the initial screen changes to the status screen.
  4. If an error is detected, the autosampler is not ready for analysis.
  5. The Status LED on the front panel changes to red and a message appears on the autosampler display.
  6. If the autosampler is operated from Chromeleon, the message is logged also in the Chromeleon Audit Trail.
  7. Turn off the autosampler, take appropriate remedial action, and turn on the autosampler again.
  8. For routine operation, leave the main power switch on.
  9. For routine on/off control, use the standby button on the front of the autosampler.
  10. Press and hold the button for one second to allow the autosampler to change the mode.
  11. Turn the main power switch off when instructed to do so, for example, before performing a service procedure.
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