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Unstable system backpressure


How do I troubleshoot unstable system backpressure?


  • Integrion models:
    • 22153-60301
    • 22153-60302
    • 22153-60303
    • 22153-60304
    • 22153-60305
    • 22153-60306


Possible Causes and Solutions: 

1. Pump insufficiently primed 

  • Prime the pump.

2. Insufficient backpressure on the EG degasser 

  • Verify that there is 14 MPa (2000 psi) of backpressure on the EG. Add additional backpressure coils if needed.

3. Pump component problem 

  • A worn or damaged pump component can often be identified by a cyclic pattern in pressure readings.
  • Replace the pump check valves.
  • Replace the pump seals.

4. Unstable column temperature

  • Check the temperature setpoint of the column compartment; verify that the temperature is stable.
  • Verify that the column is installed correctly on the column clips and the column compartment door is closed completely.

5. Clogged injection valve 

  • A clogged injection valve may cause unstable pressure whenever the valve position is switched.
  • If the injection valve is the suspected source of the unstable backpressure, the injection valve rotor seal or stator may need to be replaced.
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